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I don’t know where you at in the world but it has been pretty warm here in the Pacifc NorthWest. 


And let me tell you…. there is nothing better then a nice cool bowl of “nice cream” (it’s like ice cream but it’s nice for your body 😆) 


It’s soooo easy to make your own fruit Ice Creams. 


It takes only a few minutes and you avoid all the additional filler, additives, and refined sugars that are added to traditional ice cream these days. 


Not too mention you can make it custom to you! 


As of late this has been one of my favorite combinations:


You’ll Need: 


  • 1 Cup Frozen Dragon Fruit 
  • ¼ Cup Frozen Passion Fruit 
  • 2 Medium Bananas 
  • ¼ Cup Watermelon Juice 
  • Pinch of Raw Bee Pollen


〰️The key to making Ice Cream with a High Speed Blender (such as a Vitamix or Blend Tech) is adding a little bit of liquid in first. I’ve found that I like to get creative with the liquid I add, using juices like Watermelon, Tart Cherry, and Coconut Water. 

〰️You’re going to want to use the tamper, and make sure the blades are always moving with the ingredients. 

〰️I usually add in the Liquid, Bananas, all the other fruit. Then when it’s done, I add in a pinch of Raw Bee Pollen for a little bit of texture. 


What I love about this Recipe is the Sweet and Tart Combination. The Passion Fruit is a really nice element! 


I hope you enjoy this as much as me! 😋


What are your favorite fruit “nice cream” combinations?

~Coach Rebecca Wolf

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