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Right now, I want you to challenge yourself.

Because when you complete something you set out to do, it is the most rewarding feeling!

We need to challenge ourselves more. 

We need to set goals, and actually DO THEM.

When we do what we say we are going to do we reestablish trust in ourselves. 

Which if you ask me, is a lost art these days. 

People make plans with the intention to cancel. 

People say they are going to do this… and do that instead. 

Imagine a world where everyone did what they said they were going to do?

When we are true to our word. 

We are being true to ourselves. 

And when we are true to ourselves, we are true with everyone else. 

We become Authentic. 

We become Sincere. 

Which I have found to be two of the most attractive qualities. 

Use everything in life as an opportunity to reestablish this trust. 

And remember that trust is an inside game. 

It doesn’t come from any outside source.

It starts with you. 

I like to view it like it’s a muscle, the more you exercise it, the stronger it gets. 

At first it’s going to feel weak. 

So start small. 

Maybe with a couple (maybe just one)  baby commitments to yourself. 

Like waking up and drinking a quart of water. 

Or going for a 10 min walk each day. 

Make those goals achievable. 

Then expand those goals as you achieve them. 

Right now, sit with yourself.

Choose something that is going to challenge you. 

Happy Wednesday!  ❤️

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