Publish Date: December 7, 2020

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Lately I’ve been acknowledging just how important it is to have a Morning Routine!

Our Mornings set the tone for the day. ✨


If we wake up late, rushed right out of the gate, our sympathetic nervous system gets triggered and we are automatically forced into a fight or flight stress response. 

If we wake up with intention. With enough time to ease into our day, our bodies are in a parasympathetic response, which gives your body all the benefits of rest and digest. 


I’ve acknowledged myself, that I have a deep need to wake up with ease and flow. 

And I make it a huge priority in my life to wake up with those intentions! 


I like to wake up with enough time to enjoy a warm beverage (usually a matcha latte), take my supplements, drink my Flax Water mixed with Green 85, and maybe read a chapter or 2 of a book I am currently reading.


Then I like to follow that with some form of exercise, usually Trail Running, Yoga, or Stairs. 


Doing these things ensure me that I am starting my day off right. 


After doing all those things that I want to do, I find myself excited to jump into work and be productive! I’m also like 80 times more likely to take better care of myself throughout the day.



When we wake up stressed out, we are way more likely to stress/emotionally eat throughout the day. Which just takes up deeper into the rabbit hole of despair. 


When we wake up with ease and flow, we allow space around our decisions. We get to CHOOSE how we want to feel and how we want to spend our time. 


What’s one thing that you want to start incorporating into your Morning Routine?!


~Coach Wolf

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