Health Heroes! 


We are officially RAW! Knowing that for the next year (at least) we are only going to be nourishing our bodies with nutrient dense, high quality, living foods feels GOOOOOOOOOOD! 

Oh yeah… And did I mention we are going 100% Sober too?! 

Not that we are crazy drug addicts or alcoholics over here, but we would take a little puff puff here and there and personally I enjoy a cocktail or two when the mood is right.


Why so much at once?


My journey working with psychedelics (working with Ayahuasca, Psilocybin, and Cannabis) has always pointed to sobriety. In order to truly live a peaceful liberated life, you have to set down all your crutches. You can’t be addicted to something and obtain Nirvana. They just simply don’t go together. 

This deeper knowing brought me to choosing my word of the year! 


My word for 2021 is: FEEL


I want to feel all there is to feel. (I find this a crucial part on the path to liberation.) 

In my experience, complete sobriety is about relearning how to Be. It’s about being with whatever arises, and not habitually pushing anything down using any mind altering substance or unhealthy food to do that. 

I am feeling so inspired to move into this next phase of being & healing.

I already feel a huge mind shift away from the known into the unknown. 

Which feels like freedom. 

But also ☝ It feels like a deep “taking full responsibility over my health” is taking place. Which is something that I deeply honor in myself because I wasn’t always this way. 


It wasn’t too long ago, 6-7 years ago that I struggled deeply with food. I had an eating disorder that had me binging on food daily, sometimes multiple times a day. The urge for salty and sweet “foods” had a hold on me. I was in a state of pure addiction. The thought would arise and I had to have it, there was no “but, should I?” 

After 5 years of living this way, I grew tired. Mentally, Physically, and Spiritually I was depleted from the inside out. 

Since then it’s been a journey to get where I am at today. 

I made the shift away from Poor Quality Meat & Dairy, Fast Food, all the Junk Food imaginable to eating Vegan Cookies & Kombucha  

But Hey! That was a step, and every step led to me the place I am at today.

Every step doesn’t look perfect, but at the same time, every step is perfect for YOU. 


What’s your Word for 2021???? ✨✨✨


I want to create a check in system with all of you as we enter into this next phase.


Share With Us and Comment Below!!

~Coach Wolf

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