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**Raw Living Foods and Sobriety UPDATE!**


Switching to a Raw Food Lifestyle is a Serious Game Changer. On so many levels. 

Like Wow!

I am making some of the yummiest meals I’ve ever had, meals that I would pay good money for!  

Meals that I can be confident in with every single ingredient I use.


This alone, is HUGE!


When people switch to a Vegan diet oftentimes they buy out for convenience and oftentimes they are actually consuming some pretty not great ingredients. While I still totally support the movement, I encourage everyone to be mindful of ingredients over convenience. 

It’s actually really easy to make your own food! There are sooooo many tools available to help you simplify your life and make making your own food a breeze..


Another shift I’ve noticed is how much my appetite has been regulated! Now that my body is receiving nourishing foods there’s no longer these “false” hunger cravings. I feel satisfied and satiated eating light meals that leave me feeling alert and energized. ⚡️


My skin is clearing up! My belly has flattened! And I’m overall making better choices! 


As far as the sobriety thing goes… surprisingly, there has been zero struggle there. Now that I don’t see it as an option, I don’t even think about it. I just trust myself and my inner knowing to guide me through any situation, no matter how difficult or uneasy it may be. 


As for entertaining myself with substances… I’m finding a much more subtle joy and enjoyment in being in the moment, as it is.


How have your New Year Goals been coming alone? How do you Feel? Have you made any positive changes? 


~Coach Wolf

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