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As I prepare to go raw in just a little over a month, I find myself playing with recipes already. This thanksgiving I made two raw dishes!

I made a Raw Pumpkin Pie and a Raw Coconut Cream Corn Soup! 


I already can feel how much I am going to love going fully raw. One thing that came to my mind was how going raw completely takes away all the ‘time pressure’ in the kitchen. All the preparation of food is at your own pace, there’s nothing to burn or overcook, and no timer buzzing at you to do something. I find it very meditative, very calming, and a great practice of presence. 

Second thing is that no Recipe has to be exact! There is so much wiggle room to get creative and add more or less of something. When you’re not baking or cooking there is way less pressure for something to “Turn out” pretty much everything turns out! It’s all about preference. 

And Last is that it’s soooo simple! Oftentimes you’re just adding everything into a Vitamix or food processor, there is no scientific order things need to go in. (of course there are some recipes that are) but overall most of the recipes that I have been playing with are so simple and easy! 


These are the two recipes I made! (Fully Raw Kristina’s recipes) 


Raw Coconut Cream Soup: 


2 Cups Organic Non GMO Corn

Coconut Milk from 1 Coconut (Take a fresh Thai Coconut, blend juice with meat & strain) 

1 small Handful of Macadamia Nuts 

2 Small Chunks of Fennel

Tsp Garlic Powder

Himalyan Salt and Pepper to Taste


Put all of this into a Vitamix or other blender for 3 min (3 min does the perfect job of warming your soup food you, without killing all of the nutrients) 


Raw Pumpkin Pie:

To Make the Crust:

2 lbs Fresh Dates and 1 ½ cups of Raw Pecans put into a food processor till you have a gooey texture, then mold it into a pan to make your crust! 

For the Filling: 

1 Small Pie Pumpkin, skinned, and seeds taken out. 

1-2 Small Persimmons (You want them to be super soft, juicy and ripe!) 

1Tsp Cinnamon 

½ Pound of Dates 

Put all of this into a Vitamix, Blend until Smooth.

And spread onto your crust! 


And Voila…. It’s so easy!! 


What’s One Healthy Dish you made recently?! (Raw or Not) 

Let’s share our creations! 


~Coach Wolf

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