Health Heroes! ‍♀️

It’s Taco-Toxic Free-Tie Dye-Tuesday!! ‍♀️ (Inside joke) 

It’s fun finding new things to do!

Like eating Tacos and making Tie Dye T-shirt’s!

I’m always telling people that it’s a process to become fully Toxic Free. It takes months/years to become 95.8% Toxic Free and even then we still need to be doing our core detoxing regimen to get rid of the new toxins that keep coming into our life everyday. Like taking our supplement “Toxin Detox!”

It can be overwhelming. Especially if you have children!

“Children are especially vulnerable to toxic chemicals because their bodies are still developing.

Chemical exposures can come from a variety of products including toys, personal care products, furniture, and clothes.”

Check out this website below, IT’S AWESOME! They have tons of different articles to help you get started with removing the toxins.


Slowly but surly, you will start to feel just  how GOOD it feels to be conscious of what you are putting on/in your body. And for taking the responsibility to do the same for your loved ones. ‍ ‍ ‍

There’s no better gift ❤️

Also, I’ll be posting a healthy plant based taco recipe this week for you taco lovers out there!! ‍♀️

Do you have questions? Comment below!!  

Till next time ✨ 

~Coach Wolf  

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