Thankfulness is The Way You Think

Thankfulness is The Way You Think

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Do you find yourself feeling void of joy? 

It starts with the way you think. 

I heard this today and it really hit home for me. 

“Thankfulness is the way you think, joy is the abundance it produces” 

I love this because it reminds me of the prison that the mind can be at times. 

When we feel unsatisfied. When we feel like we are lacking. When we feel just meh…. 

That is usually a result of not being grateful. 

And shifting our mindset to a state of gratitude is the difference between living life abundantly or living our lives from a place of scarcity and lack. 

When I feel myself fall into these “moods” I like to get away and listen to something that helps me remember the importance of this shift in perception. 

I ask myself “how can I look at this differently” and as long as I am approaching this question earnestly and wholeheartedly the answer always reveals itself to me. 

Look around and start thanking God for everything that you have. 

Thank him for your husband/wife. 

Thank him for your dog. 

Thank him for your kids. 

Thank him for your body. 

Thank him for this day! 

You’ll be amazed how doing this will make you feel. 

It’s like pouring water on a dry and dying plant. 

You instantly feel replenished and full, in need of nothing but gods glory. 

I hope you are enjoying this beautiful day and are able to recognize all the riches around you! 

~Rebecca Wolf 

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