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I had a realization yesterday as I was leaving the yoga studio. 

“The work happens by itself, all we have to do is show up” 

What does that mean?

Showing up is the hardest part for people. For X,Y, Z reasons. 

What if there wasn’t a single thing holding you back from what you wanted?

Would you go after it?

Mostly likely the answer is yes. 

What if I told you the only thing holding you back is your own thoughts?

I had every reason to not go to yoga yesterday. It was early (5am), I was sleepy, my dog was being super cute and cuddly… ect. 

But I decided to see through all of those thoughts and do what I knew would make me feel better in the larger picture. I ignored my mind and did what I intended to do before any of those thoughts arose. I went to yoga. 

If I listened to the thoughts in my head, I would have been going against what I truly wanted. 

It’s amazing the way our minds trick us and hold us back. 

There’s a short term gratification we feel when we give into our thoughts. 

But it’s short term… It’s illusive and short lasting. It’s not the long term happiness that we all deep down want. 

Giving into those moments short term gratification has long term effects that are detrimental. 

They hold us back from living the life we really want. 

When we have a goal and we stick to working towards that goal every single day, there is a power there. A power that we all have the potential of tapping into. 

It starts with you. Not with your thoughts, with YOU. 

Thoughts are a funny thing. Some of us believe we are every single thought that arises in us. 

But if you wake up to the realization that thoughts are arising (they are conditioned societal thoughts, they are not YOU) then we get to choose which thoughts we grab a hold of. 

Which thoughts serve you and your deepest desires. 

Which thoughts support you. 

And we allow anything else that isn’t that, to pass by like clouds in the sky… 

Which would you choose?


~Coach Rebecca Wolf

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