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I love the feeling of a new year. 

This is a time to be really intentional. 

Because there is so much power in intention! 

If we don’t think about it, dream it, believe it. It simply just won’t be a thing in our lives.

I like to be intentional in a number of ways. 

I like to…. 

make a list of goals. 

Make visions boards of the things I want to release, reaffirm, and reinvent. 

And Pick 1 word to really hone in on and master. 

This last year, I chose the word FEEL. And for me that went hand in hand with Sobriety. Was I an alcoholic? No. Was I a Cannaholic? Haha yes and no. Was I using substances to medicate feelings and emotions that arose? To some degree.. Yes! And this is why staying away from anything that took me away from those feelings was crucial. I needed to be  willing to feel everything there is to feel with no mind altering escape! 

Ironically enough, the message of sobriety came to me through my work with plant medicine (aka “drugs”) mainly Ayahuasca and Psilocybin. My journeys with plant medicine all came back to…

 “Give up all substances” 

“Don’t be dependent on a substance to alter your mind away from yourself” 

and last year was the year I listened. If we ignore these messages, we cycle around and around and find ourselves exactly where we were before. Listening to these messages (or messengers) encourages our growth and springs up forward into our lives. 

This was a really eye opening year for me, I never realized how much people use substances to escape because before I was right there with them. Pretty much Every. Single. Person. That I know is medicating as a way to escape from unpleasant emotions. 

Emotions like Stress, Boredom, Anxiety, Anger seemed to be the most common. 

And so much (not all) of this “medicating” is caused by a lack of creativity! 

We are creative beings and we NEED an outlet for expression! 

Maybe that’s your work, playing with dogs or your children, art, music, writing, moving your body, or getting creative in the kitchen. 

And all of these things I listed above, start with Intention. 

If we don’t make it a priority, it will simply never be a thing. 

And what could possibly be more important than your own happiness? 

Sit down. Right now. Make a list of goals. Pick a word. And use your intention this year to dive deeper into your joy and happiness this year! 

Happy New Year Everyone! 

Let’s love each other more and spread more happiness, joy and laughter with all of those around us! They need it just as much as we do! ❤️

~Coach Rebecca Wolf

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