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Tim James and I decided to set a big goal for 2021. 

Were going 100% RAW! 

As you know Tim was Raw for a solid 7 years before introducing cooked foods back in. During that time, he radically healed and transformed his body. 

Listening to Tim speak about his health journey has been the biggest inspiration, In the past two years my diet has cleaned up immensely! 

Then a few months ago, I became inspired by Fully Raw Kristina and her message coupled with Tims and all the other influences I’ve listened to throughout the years has forever changed the way I look at food. 


Is my food Alive or Dead?

Is my food made in a lab or is it found in nature?

Am I eating to get energy or disperse energy?


Hippocrates is big on this. They think of food as frequency. Living and Alive foods are seen as having the highest frequency, giving the most energy. 

So think of food this was… Food is Energy. 

My desire to go fully raw comes from a place of wanting as much energy throughout the day as possible. To do what I want to do when I need to do it. After all, that is the true definition of abundance. 


Have you set a new year’s goal? 

I know i’m early, but I want you to start thinking about it now. 

Maybe you want to incorporate more green juices into your day. 

Maybe you want to start sprouting your own seeds. 

Maybe just eating one less meal a day. 

Maybe eating one raw meal a day. 

Maybe one raw meal a week. 


Whatever it may be, I think it is so nourishing for the soul to set goals and accomplish them. 

It reminds ourselves that we can be trustworthy. 

That we can do what we say we are going to do. 

This is true discipline. 


We all start somewhere! You started with Green 85 and Tim’s supplements! Let’s expand on this and grow together! 

Share with us and Comment Below!! 


Your Feedback is the Fuel to this Group Coaching, Show up and Challenge yourself to do something new and exciting! 


~Coach Wolf


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