Publish Date: September 28, 2020

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What you need to know about Fasting, Detoxifying, and Cleansing: 

Most of us have grown up believing that Fasting, detoxing and cleansing is a physical process, but throughout the years there has been research being brought into our awareness that it is vastly mental and emotional as well. 

Think of it like this; our emotions are stored in our fat cells, as our body loses weight we are not only shedding physical heaviness throughout our days but we are shedding emotional baggage as well.

Through the detoxifying process you may feel a range of emotions from ecstatic joy to extreme depression, it is because you are literally releasing old past hurts or understanding parts of yourself that have been buried for quite some time. 

Understanding the fasting process is the first step to establishing the correct mindset and intention to which you move into it.

I’ve noticed in my own experience that when I go into a fast purely for the physical benefits, something often hinders my experience and I fall short of my goal. 

But when I create a bigger intention, What I would like to manifest or release in my life, whether it’s old ways of thinking that no longer serve me to laser sharp focus to help me dive into a project I’ve been struggling to get done. 

These are the intentions that keep me thriving throughout the fasting process. 

All of the energy that used to go into digesting food suddenly becomes available and you have the choice of what you want to pour that energy into.

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~Coach Wolf  

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