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It’s Toxic Free Tuesday! ‍♀️

What’s something you lay on every night? For 6-8 hours at a time? Often times with bear skin?

You guessed it! Your sheets!!

Often times sheets are made of Polyester, Conventional Cotton, Reylon, etc. all of which are constantly off gassing toxic chemicals right into your blood stream and into the environment every time you put them through the wash.

But don’t worry! ‍♀️

I’ve found a healthy alternative/solution for you! ‍♀️

“Made with 100% GOTS organic certified Indian cotton and deluxe thread counts, our Organic Cotton Sheets are the perfect combination of comfort and sustainability. They’re MADE SAFE® Certified, so you can trust they don’t contain toxic materials, and no part of the manufacturing process was harmful to humans or the environment.”

Click Here! To get yours!–

Over at Hippocrates Health Institute, if your dealing with any kind of illness the very first thing Brian and Anna Marie Clements ask you is… well.. if I’m being perfectly honest it’s, Do you have any root canals?…  

BUT second is what kind of clothing/bedding are you using?! 

Toxic fabrics have been linked to all kinds of health defects and illnesses.

Don’t wait before it’s too late. 

Start NOW. ✨

Do you have any questions? Any Toxic Free Tuesday Topics you would like to dive into? Comment below! I’d love your input.

Till next time!

~Coach Wolf  

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