September 18, 2020

Health Heroes! ‍♀️

Finally!! Some rain here In the PNW  

It’s amazing to think about all of the things we take for granted… like fresh air and simply being able to BREATHE..

With that said.. I’m feeling drawn in.  

Today is a good day to sit. ‍♀️

To rest, digest, and reflect. 

To tune in to yourself, 

To feel where you are. 

To remember… ✨

As of late, I find I am often returning to this place of remembering..

I’ve had some life-altering experiences in the past 10 years that have taught me incredible lessons about how to live life to the fullest. ‍♀️ And sometimes I lose myself in the midst of societal conditions and begin to drift and slip back into some old way of being/conditioning.  

Then something happens and all of a sudden I remember!

In this cycle of forgetting-remembering I’m constantly reminded that everything is perfect. It’s all a part of the process of awakening.

The one thing that always seems to pull me back is… 

Remembering Self, first. ‍♀️

Always. ‍♀️

No matter what. ‍♀️

There is a voice inside of you that speaks to you. 

That is the voice of love. ♥️

Often times this voice is clouded with thoughts and feelings of doubt, fear, shame, resentment, etc.

It’s our job to see through the thoughts, to recognize the voice from the thoughts, and to dismiss the destructive thoughts as nothing more than a silly thought.

To let them pass like clouds in the sky. ☁️

When you grab on to a destructive thought, it amplifies and as a result you suffer.

The less you grab on, the less you forget.

The less you forget, the more you remember.

And the more you remember.. the more 

Tuned in, tapped in, and turned on you are!

It’s always when I take a moment to myself to reflect that I realize just how spacious love can be.

Here, everything feels possible.

I hope everyone has a amazing weekend! ❤️

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