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Have you ever looked at Cannabis as a tool to dive deeper into your subconscious? 

Cannabis changed my life. At a time when I was so numb and running on the same old program. It woke me up and allowed me to see life through a new lens. I referred to it as the igniter to my “empathy switch” it opened me up to be able to feel again. 

I wrote this back in 2016 and thought it was a valuable thing to share with all of you! 

“Dear cannabis,

Sooo I haven’t smoked you in two months, nothing personal, I just had to take some “me” time, and today in honor of 4/20, I decided to be swept away by you again.

And boy oh boy, you know what I remember I love about you?

All the things you opened me up to.

You initially taught me to listen to my heart, You quieted the mindless chatter that once consumed me and allowed me to sit back and feel what was real.

You taught me that everything I do in life can be done in a meditative way. That It’s all about my thoughts, and which ones I choose to feed.

You taught me that when I take away the doer in the doing, the struggle ends. That everything is as it should be.

That I am the only one who can make my life feel mundane, like I’m chasing the wind. That when I let go of that chase, I can forever be presently free.

You allowed me to take in the energy of others without the doer in me overpowering an opportunity to genuinely connect with another soul.

You taught me to be here, in the now with everything I encounter.

You showed me how my fears and limitations were clouding my mind, how they were self created, purely illusionary.

That when I was capable of fully releasing and relaxing into the moment with you, I found myself flowing through life in such a free way.

You taught me that life is a constant letting go, a constant shedding. And that the older we become the more we are open to realize this.

We realize everything we obtain goes away in the end anyways. You helped me to realize that I don’t have to wait till I am “on my way out” to be able to live presently free on this magical hemisphere we are all a part of.

You taught me to question my very existence, and understand the sanctuary the mind can be. Because it’s my safe place, it’s where I create my own inner peace to come back to in a world full of suffering.

You showed me that what I chase in life will determine my outcome, the things I thought I wanted and the lifestyle I once craved came from a place that wasn’t me. And when I sat with that, It dissolved. Shed away, I became an animal, but in a gracious way.

Thankful and determined to survive, for the simple pleasure of being alive.

Ive learned and continue learning new ways on how to survive for myself, not in a selfish way, Im just learning to live in a way where I always come first, because that’s okay. It’s my inner sanctuary, it’s my happiness, my life isn’t anything without the deeper me that exists.

So Ive learned to take care of myself, and continue to find new ways to deepen that, all the while everything else just kind of falls in to place.

I deeply understand now that this world is nothing to me, without me in it.

So I am here.

Fully present, no longer consumed with the needless mindless chatter, because that’s that chasing of the wind. And when I let the wind flows through me, I am capable of releasing all control I once believed I had.

I realize I am a different form of the river, the river of life that never leaves, that is forever here and constantly changing into the next thing.

Thank you Cannabis, for opening me up to how beautiful life on earth truly is.

Sincerely, your boundlessly free, open and ready, ripened admirer.” 

Have you had any profound life changing experiences with Psychedelics?  

Share and comment Below! 

~Coach Rebecca Wolf 

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