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I’m fasting today! 

I recently heard one of my favorite motivational speakers talk about why he fasts. 

He said “we fast to let our bodies know who’s in control” 

And I love that! 

It feels so real for me to hear it put in that way because that has definitely been my experience with fasting. 

I love fasting because it reflects just how in control I am. 

I usually will have anywhere between 137 to 432 thoughts about food through a day of fasting 😆and half of those thoughts are self sabotaging thoughts. Thoughts that are trying to convince me to end the fast and just eat…. 

But I fast with a very specific intention. That intention is to do what I say I am going to do. Which I think is one of the most powerful and important things we can do in our life. 

Because our word is sacred, our words matter, and when we say we are going to do something and we actually do it. 

We learn to trust ourselves, and when we trust ourselves, everyone else learns to trust us, and trust is everything! 

Fasting is not about restriction. I do not restrict myself from food. In Fact i has nothing to do with the food. I fast purely for the mental aspect of it. 

Whatever benefits I get physically are just an added bonus. 

And every time one of those thoughts arise, I have an opportunity to let my body know who is in charge. 

I have a pretty active lifestyle. So on days when I fast I like to have some sort of a high(ish) calorie juice. 

Today’s Juice recipe is one of my favorites to make! 

You’ll need: 

Mason Jar 

1 Tbsp Blue Spirulina 

3 Tbsp Raw Honey 🍯

2 Juice of Large Lemons 🍋

Filtered Water (fill mason jar after other ingredients are added. Shake well. 💦

Voila! You have yourself some Blue Lemonade! 

I hope you enjoy this as much as I do 😊

~Coach Rebecca Wolf

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