Publish Date: October 24, 2020

Health Heroes! ‍♀️ 

The labeling has changed (from Digestive Enzymes to Ultra Enzymes) but the product is the same badass product as before!  

“Enzymes are substances that make life possible. They are needed for every chemical reaction that takes place in the human body. No Mineral, Vitamin, or Hormone can do any work without Enzymes. Our Bodies, all our Organs, Tissues, and Cells are run by Metabolic Enzymes.” ~Dr. Howell, Enzyme Nutrition

Do you have Gastric Upset? Acid Reflex? Or do you just feel like your body has a hard time digesting the food your feeding it?

I don’t know about you… but all three of these ☝ used to be me. I felt heavy and sluggish after my meals. Depleted of energy.. I used to want to take naps after every meal.

It wasn’t until I started taking Chemical Free Body’s Ultra Enzymes + Minerals that I finally got some relief! ‍♀️

“Digestive Enzymes are proteins that can help us to liquify our food and slowly rehabilitate a poor digestive system.”

I noticed Smoother Bowel Movements, Increased Energy after Meals, and NO MORE Bloated Tummy! ‍♀️

These Enzymes Brought the Joy back to Eating! ‍♀️

One of my Favorite Products by far!


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