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I am constantly amazed by how humbled I am after a yoga session. 


I’ve had a couple debilitating injuries this last year (the whole right side of my arm, from my wrist to my shoulder) that has been keeping me from being able to do what I want to do physically. 

I’ve had a goal of becoming really skilled at doing handstands. And this injury has completely put that goal on hold. In fact, It’s been so crippling in moments that I’ve actually had moments where I’ve told myself that I may never be able to do a handstand for the rest of my life… (And I’m only 29!) 

But as of recent (in the past few months) I’ve shifted the belief system from thinking “I’m never going to heal.” to “I am healing everyday.”  


I believe that with the intention to heal and the discipline to do the daily work you can heal anything. And I mean ANYTHING. 


The more I dive into Yoga the more I understand that the breathing, the stretching, and the strength is about Love. 

Everything comes back to love, Love is what grows, what heals, and what lets go. 

As you Breathe in Yoga, there’s a Life Force being pumped into your body. 

And that Life Force is what heals. 


It’s Important to remember that Yoga is a Practice Not a Performance. 


This was HUGE for me to realize within my practice, I’ve always been about performance when it came to exercise, I’ve pushed myself at an athletes level pretty much every time I went into the gym. 

But Yoga isn’t about what you can do, it’s about allowing your body to do the postures, with no judgement.

It is the ultimate expression of Love toward your own being. 

It’s about opening yourself more and becoming willing to feel all that there is to feel.


Happy Monday Everyone! Start your week off strong, do something that humbles you! 


~Coach Wolf

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