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Your Body is Yours. It’s your Home. It’s your Vessel. It’s the Keeper of your Soul. It’s the archive of your experiences. It’s the weapon that has fought battles only you can understand. 


Your body is something you never leave behind. (well, until death…) 


Cars, homes, watches, clothes, jewelry, ect. Are all material things that we eventually let go of. 


Why wouldn’t you want to take care of the one thing you carry with you every single second of your existence?


When did we become so hard on ourselves?


Stop letting your mind bully your body! 


Recognize those thoughts as “not yours” and let them pass without grabbing hold of them. 


Like you would clouds in the sky. 


Those thoughts aren’t YOU. They have been conditioned into you through a sick society, a society that is hell bent on making as much money as it can. No matter the consequence. 


I saw a quote that said “Treat your body like it belongs to someone you love.” 


Take the time to feel into that quote. 


Like a house, we must work to build a strong foundation & walls that stand through the toughest storms. But what good is a house in a hurricane with a sturdy foundation & walls if it has no roof to shelter & protect what’s on the inside. Your mind is your roof. Your body’s the foundation that holds it up. When there is a leak in your roof- a doubt, a bad feeling, a problem, a insecurity- you must patch it up. 


Awareness is the Patch. 


Without Awareness of why you do the things you do, or why you think the thoughts you do, that leak will only get bigger & more detrimental to your foundation. Your mind & body are so closely connected, which is  why it’s so important to take care of both & learn to love ALL of yourself. Even those parts that aren’t you. 


This is where compassion comes in… because when you love and understand those parts of yourself that aren’t really you. You understand others, which in return allows you the space to love them in their impurities. 


And isn’t that what we’re all here to do?




Loving yourself means moving, resting, & nourishing your body with nourishing foods. But you can’t just nourish your body, you must nourish your mind & soul too. 


Your body loves you. 


It keeps you living. 


Respect it. 


Be good to it…  


Love it back ❤️ 


~Coach Rebecca Wolf

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